Picking an Air Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

Picking an Air Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

If you have never used an air impact wrench yourself you may have seen one when taking your care to have its tires changed. They are perfect for changing tires quickly and are important tools to seen in a tire’s or mechanic shop.

There are numerous names for the this air tool including a torque gun, an air impact wrench or Rattle gun as it is also referred to. Essentially it is a heavy duty socket wrench that is used in conjunction with tremendous air pressure for loosening and tightening nuts.

As mentioned air impact wrenches are cannot operate correctly without using air compressors, which is the reason you hear a noisy hissing sound when you see someone in action doing the job of removing your cars tires. So if your after an air tool for changing tires then you will also require a suitable air compressor.

Air impact wrench for changing tiresIn terms of the size of the wrench the 1/2 inch should be more the adequate when changing most tires nuts. Generally when changing tires you will want an air tool that has more reverse torque to loosen the tougher lug nuts. There are plenty of models offering great reverse torque, but you will find Ingersoll Rand tools are a particular favorite of the professional tire fitter.

Checkout our Air Impact Wrench Comparison Chart for suitable a tool. If your still unsure about what air air impact wrenches look like, well it appears much like old produced drill tools. It likely has a trigger release switch and a silver metal body which enables anyone exerting the right level and amount of torque and air pressure.

The air wrench is connected to a certain long rubber pipe that is also attached on the air compressor unit which then supplies the right air pressure to the impact gun. The air pressure is just released when you apply hand force to the trigger. You can bring together the air impact guns by simply following directions that entail on it. Its hose must be joined to the pressure unit first and then to the air impact wrench. It leaves the user free to eliminate it from the hose at any moment, using its quick and easy release clip.

Once the user had attached the wrench and the hose to the pressure unit, ensure it is giving off the proper level of pressure for his wrench. Ideally, PSI should be set to between 90-100 PSI. A quick run on visual check is needed to determine if the hose has twists or kinks and for it to be straightened out. Testing the direction is vital wherein the air impact wrench is set by simply touching its trigger lightly and seeing its way out. You will note a knob or latch which enables you to repeal the socket direction.

Once all the necessary checks have been done you should be ready to change the tires but ensure the variable speed setting is set correctly using the switch or dial on the wrench and set the dial to the proper speed for the job you are undertaking. If you are happy that it will have the right level of torque and speed, you can now attach the right size socket to the bit on the front portion of the wrench and start removing nuts now.

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