AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

The AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench has been built with power and performance in mind. Producing 1295 ft-lbs of loosening torque it’s one of the best in its class.

AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Generating 1400 blows per minute the AIRCAT 1150 is the hardest hitting twin hammer ½ air impact wrench on the market.

AIRCAT 1150 Specs

  • Power and performance of 1,295 Feet-pounds (ft-lb) of loosening torque
  • 1,400 Blows Per Minute makes this a hard hitting Twin Hammer 1/2 Impact Wrench
  • 15-Percent larger rotor creates unmatched power
  • Patented quiet technology at 86 decibels
  • Speed – 9000 rpm
  • Variable speeds
  • Lightweight at only 4 pounds
  • Capable of variable speeds
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

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AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench ReviewTo reduce noise levels during operation the AIRCAT 1150 has built in patented quiet technology that reduces noise to 86 decibels without a loss in power. For greater comfort and control the unit comes with a flip level and variable speeds to deal with any job.

With a light weight all-black composite body with a patented ergonomic AIRCAT handle the unit weighs in at just 4 pounds. For peace of mind the unit comes with a two year parts and labor warranty.

Customer Reviews of AIRCAT 1150 Impact Wrench

Most customers would recommend the 1150 due to the fact it is very powerful, quiet, fast and overall great quality. The torque offered by the unit has impressed customers with it easily removing wheel lugs, axle bolts and mounts. Customers who use the unit at home don’t have to worry about aggravating the neighbors due to the quiet technology. Many are pleased that there is a 2 year warranty and that it is possible to buy tune up kits so you can rebuild the unit yourself.

The AIRCAT 1150 has been reviewed by 60 customers on Amazon with an impressive customer rating of 4.8 out of 5. Click here to read more customer reviews.

“I bought this tool for the guys in the Wheel and alignment room. They just love it. It is so quiet, powerful, and fast that we no longer have to use heat on some really stubborn lug nuts.

We don’t try to time the speed with which wheels and tires are removed from a car or light truck but it have obviously cut down on the time required to rotate 4 wheels and tires. You won’t go wrong with this one. Our other impacts are IR, and Snip-On; the Aircat is superior.”

Adam J Price, Amazon Customer Review

“I have owned snap-on, matco, and IR guns and they are great guns but this one blows them out of the water. It weighs very little but it packs a punch that nothing I can find rival it.

Aircat 3/8 drive gun on the snap-on truck and they wanted three times as much (I already had bought it for about $160 bucks here on Amazon but I was just curious what snap-on wanted for it). To top it all off it is very quiet which isn’t a big deal to me because I can’t hear good anyways but it is really quiet.”

Cooper, Amazon Customer Review

“I’m a mechanic working on centrifugal pumps I deal with a lot of rusted nuts and bolts and this impact hasn’t met a one it couldn’t break loose out performs snap on matco and ingersoll.”

Jesse Halfacre, Amazon Customer Review

AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review


If you are after a strong air impact wrench that will not break the bank then the 1150 is ideal. The AIRCAT 1150  1/2-Inch Impact Wrench comes with the proven technology of the twin hammer design. The unit is light at just 4 pounds, easy to handle and offers loads of torque for any job requiring a 1/2 ” wrench.

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