AIRCAT 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Air Impact Wrench Review

AIRCAT 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench Review

The AIRCAT 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench is a great impact wrench that many users all over the world love working with. AIRCAT 1300-TH Air Impact Wrench

This tool is powerful, lightweight, silent, and user-friendly. What more could you ask for out of a power tool?

AIRCAT 1300-TH Specs

  • Lightweight at 3.3 pounds
  • Maximum loosening torque of 400-feet pounds
  • Maximum working torque of 50-350 feet pounds
  • Patented quiet technology at only 86 decibels
  • Durable composite housing
  • Patented through-the-handle exhaust
  • Comes with a one year parts and labor limited warranty

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The AIRCAT 1300-TH Air Impact Wrench is one impact wrench packed with features and systems that help make the process of automobile repair and maintenance that much easier and user-friendly.

First of all, this gun is powerful. It comes with a maximum loosening torque of 400-feet pounds as well as a maximum working torque of 50-350 feet pounds. This lets users get all the jobs they need done finished easily and quickly.

Aside from being powerful, the AIRCAT 1300-TH is comfortable to use as well. This is due, first of all, to its lightweight nature. The gun weighs only 3.3 pounds, which is far lighter than other similar tools on the market. This lets the tool be handled with more ease and reduces fatigue and cramping.

This product also comes equipped with patented ergonomically designed handles which relieve stress from a user’s hands, wrists and arms. Another cool feature about this handle is its through-the-handle exhaust design, which reduces the chance that a user could inhales exhausted air particles that may be harmful to their health.

This gun operates at a low noise level of 86 decibels, which is far lower than the required OSHA guidelines. This helps reduce stress and tension in the workplace.

 AIRCAT 1300-TH Air Impact Wrench Click here for the latest customer ratings, ratings and price on Amazon


  • This tool is powerful enough to carry out virtually all automobile repair and maintenance tasks.
  • It works quietly, which helps not only the mechanic but all the people around him/her.
  • The compact and lightweight build of the gun helps users handle the tool with greater convenience and comfort as well.


Some customers found the wrench was heavier then expected.

Customer Reviews

All users are extremely pleased with this gun and the quality it provides users with. People have commented that the gun feels comfortable in their hand, that the price is much less when compared to other impact wrenches, and that it works very quietly. Users have also said that the tool is quite durable and lasts for a long time after purchase.

The AIRCAT 1300-TH has been reviewed by 30 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.7 out of 5.0

“Should be a 4.5 option but great unit, light, powerful and what a bargain , ours had been in service daily for a while now and really has been proven to us that we would get another one.”

Matt Parker, Amazon Customer Review

“Well worth the absolutely awesome tool, and for the size and money you can’t beat it. This little sucker has the power to blow off ford bed bolts.. you guys know what I’m talking about..the 55mm hexes..this is 1 of my favorite compacts..not to mention AMERICAN MADE.. finally we did something right…great ass tool”

Michael, Amazon Customer Review

“I bought this based on some of the recommendations here. This is a good gun. It is quiet and has good power. Not as much as my 1/2″ IR but you would not expect that so that’s ok. Sometimes though they inflate the torque ratings on these things. I have only had it a couple weeks but it feels great and works as advertised. I also got the cover which is a good idea.”

Jim, Amazon Customer Review


The AIRCAT 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench is a practical buy for anybody looking for a high-quality, powerful, quiet, lightweight and inexpensive impact wrench.

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