Ingersoll-Rand 2135QTIMAX Air Impactool Review

Ingersoll Rand 2135QTIMAX 1/2-Inch Air Impact Tool Review

The Ingersoll Rand’s 2135QTiMAX 1/2-inch titanium-duty Impactool weighing in at only 4 pounds delivers best-in-class performance for a maintenance and automotive impact jobs. Ingersoll Rand Impactools are the brand of choice for professional automotive mechanics and hobbyists with decades of proven engineering expertise behind them.Ingersoll-Rand 2135QTIMAX Air Impactool Review

The 2135QTiMAX’s minimal size and weight enables an operator better access to even the tightest of spaces. Its lightweight reduces operator fatigue whilst still delivering maximum performance with all the features you want to get a difficult job done.

Ingersoll Rand’s 2135QTiMAX Specs

  • Patented quiet tool technology reduces sound
  • Raise bar with 780 foot-pounds at just 4.05 pounds
  • Only 6 inches in length
  • Features MAX power, control, and reliability
  • Enhanced controls for even greater comfort and convenience
  • 15000 max speed

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Ingersoll Rand 2135QTIMAX Video

The Ingersoll Rand’s 2135QTiMAX 1/2-inch titanium-duty Air Impactool is at the top of its class due to is great performance with 780 foot-pounds while still weighting in at only 4.05 pounds.

It includes enhanced controls for even greater convenience with a wider range of power regulator settings in the forward mode. In forward mode the wrench will produce a torque range of between 25-251 foot /pounds. And in reverse it will produce a maximum power of 332 foot/pounds (450nm).

It has built in patented quiet tool technology that reduces the sound without sacrificing performance. For peace of mind the manufacturer is offering a limited two year warranty when the tool has been registered.


  • Light enough at 4 pounds to reduce fatigue in your hands and arm
  • Powerful enough with 780 foot-pounds power to break loose the toughest bolts.
  • Patented quiet technology with no sacrifice in power.
  • The forward/reverse button is so convenient for greater control
  • Free two-year limited warranty with tool registration

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A few customers feel that there is not enough power in reverse gear, however the overwhelming majority are impressed by with its power to weight performance.

Customer Reviews and ScoreIngersoll-Rand 2135QTIMAX Air Impactool Review

Many customers have bought this gun for everyday use including everything from taking of wheels, to replacing struts. It easily has enough power to perform such tasks and will not flinch at all. It is considered by many to be light weight and offer tons of power and torque. And it is super quiet due to its patented technology with no sacrifice in power.

The Ingersoll Rand 2135QTiMAX has been reviewed by 50 customers on Amazon with an impressive overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.

“Works awesome with minimum maintenance. I use this every day for my work and dont treat it all that well and cant complain at all about it. When other impacts cant get a bolt loose i can grab this one and it doesn’t even hesitate to bust them loose. Maybe a Mac or Snap-on might be a little better but at this price point I think its the best you could buy.”

Barndog, Amazon Customer Review

“I work for a transit company and use almost daily. Nothing but positive comments from myself and all my coworkers that have used it as well Light weight and great power in pretty compact design. I would recommend this quite design for the few extra bucks over the standard version.”

Jose Macias, Amazon Customer Review


The Ingersoll Rand’s 2135QTiMAX is one of the most durable and dependable air impact wrenches in the market. Its combination of weight, performance and quiet technology make it a must have in any automotive shop.

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