Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench Review

Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench Review

When it comes to impact wrenches, you can never settle for less. That’s the good thing with the Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench, you can be sure that you will get them most bang for your buck.

Ingersoll Rand 231GThe IR 2317G always delivers the performance that will make your job easier than ever.

Ingersoll Rand 231G Specs

  •  A hard hitting twin hammer impact mechanism
  • Reverse torque of 500 ft/Lbs of
  • Forward torque range of 25-350 ft/Lbs
  • Max Free Speed of 8000 rpm
  • Blows per Minute 1200 bpm
  • Sound Level of 94.5 dB(A)
  • A heat-treated ratchet head for longer life
  • Ergonomic grip for ease of use
  • Weighs 5.8 pounds.
  • Measures 7.3 inches long

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As a part of the Edge series of quality power tools, Impactools, from Ingersoll Rand. The 231G Impact Wrench comes with a 6-vane motor that can offer optimal ratio of power to weight.

It also boasts of an ergonomic grip design that makes it even more preferred by many workers as they can be sure that their hands will never have a hard time even when doing some tough jobs using this remarkable, too. Made to be compact, rugged but lightweight, this also comes with the handle exhaust, with the wrench measuring 7.3 inches long and a weight of 5.8 pounds.

It also features a variable speed trigger and is also equipped with a reverse/forward power regulator that is very easy to use. Similar with the other impact tools that belong to the Edge series exclusively offered by Ingersoll Rand, this also has a twin hammer impact mechanism.

The main highlight of Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench, however, lies in its award-winning ergonomic design that allows it to deliver remarkable torque accuracy together with increased safety and productivity. The contoured grip of the tools also offers exceptional comfort while you are working on whatever project you might have.

Made by a global brand that provides great solutions for both buildings and homes, Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench is definitely a must-have for all serious workers as it delivers not only a top of the line performance but at the same time, its construction also speaks of the maker’s dedication to providing quality products for all their valued customers.

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  • The 231G air impact wrench is rugged, compact, and lightweight.
  • Variable speed trigger gives you the control to adjust the tool’s speed for any kind of project you are working on
  • Exceptional power-to-weight ratio with 500 ft/lbs of reverse torque
  • Great for performing your own auto maintenance.

 Customer Reviews and Rating

Overall the Ingersoll Rand 231G has received good reviews and feedback from users working on small projects at home to professionals in workshops using the day in day out. They have particularly been pleased with the torque the wrench produces and the ease at which it removes stubborn nuts.

The 231G has been reviewed by 40 customers on Amazon with and impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5.

“I was a master mechanic decades ago and had both of these. The were amazing then and they are really something else now. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Highly recommended!!”

TechPro, Amazon Customer Review

“Excellent product. Definitely worth the price. Lots of power also. The adjustable power feature is great. I can break nuts with as low as the 3 setting.”

Island Guy, Amazon Customer Review

“Very impressed with quality of these products. Nothing gets stuck anymore. Top quality, easy to use and set. Would definitely purchase again. Very good price. Ingersoll Rand save my day and a lot of time.”

MrFixIt, Amazon Customer Review


With a price that is perfect for most budgets, the Ingersoll Rand 231G Impact Wrench is perfect for the any tool box today. Take care of the 231G and it will last for years.

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