Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch review

Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch Edge Series Air Impactool Review

If you are on the lookout for a good impact wrench to work with on cars and other vehicles, then the Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch Edge Series Air Impactool is definitely one of the tools that you should look into.Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch Edge Series Air Impactool

This impact gun is a powerful and lightweight solution to any tough nuts and bolts you may be come across. Read on to find how this wrench works, and what makes it better than its competition.

Ingersoll Rand 236G Specs

  • Lightweight at only 6 pounds
  • Maximum reverse torque of 450 feet pounds
  • 1200 blows per minute
  • Single hammer impact mechanism
  • Variable speed feature
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty

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The relatively small and lightweight build of this device let users of all shapes and sizes use the machine with ease and comfort. You won’t tire out as easily as compared to lugging around heavier and bulkier power tools. Additional comfort is provided by the tool’s ergonomic grip which helps prevent the hand from cramping especially during or after long or tedious jobs.

Do not let the light build of the Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch Edge Series Air Impactool deceive you however, for this tool comes with a lot of power to get all jobs easily and quickly done. The tool provides users with 1,200 blows every minute, as well as a maximum reverse torque of 450 feet-pounds. This is more than enough horse power to get nuts, logs, and bolts out and in every time.

The variable speed feature of the tool lets users control exactly how fast or how slow they want their tools to operate, which is important for tougher jobs that need an additional kick of power. The user-friendly on/off power switch of the tool makes operation even easier. This product is very durable, and comes with a one year limited warranty.

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  • This tool is lightweight at only 6lbs, which makes it much easier and convenient to use compared to heavier and bulkier power tools.
  • The Ingersoll Rand 236G 1/2-Inch Edge Series Air Impactool is powerful with an impressive 1,200 blows every 60 seconds.
  • It can easily get the job done for you, and done right.


This tool is a relatively simple impact wrench, and does not come with any additional features and systems other than the ones that have already been mentioned.

Customer Reviews and Rating

Users are very satisfied with how this impact tool operates, looks, and weighs. Users have commented that this tool works great with automotive repairs, and can easily take on the challenges that older cars pose. It easily removes nuts, bolts, and lugs without hesitation.

The Ingersoll Rand 236G has been reviewed by 13 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0

“New to car maintenance, i suppose most people buying these know what they are in for. Mine couldn’t remove the bolts holding my truss rods on to the base of my car, and i thought it was defective. It really didn’t seem to have any power at all. Took it to a friend who is a mechanic and he hooked it up to his compressor.

The thing screamed and torqued so much when you squeezed the trigger you had to brace yourself or your’d feel like it’d twist your wrist right off your hand. Turns out the recommended 100 or so max psi the manual says to run this at really isn’t enough, my mechanic runs his at about 200psi. works like a charm”

James, Amazon Customer Review

“At work I have been using the model 235 for over 15 years and it’s perfect ever time, couple drops of 3n1 oil in air coupler before you start is the trick. I put on a 3/4″ reducer and hammer off bolts with a 1-5/16 socket for a 100 h.p. Boom mower blades, maybe a little undersized, but like I said we been doing this for years.They don’t make the 235 anymore so I will purchase the model 236 that is replacing the 235 for personal use.”

Michael L Day, Amazon Customer Review


The Ingersoll Rand 236G Edge Series Air Impact tool is an example of a relatively inexpensive, lightweight and powerful impact tool. This product is simple, and if you are looking for an impact tool with more features, then another device should be looked into.

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