MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic Impact Wrench

MSI-PRO SM-403 1/2-Inch Air Impact Wrench Review

The MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic 1/2-Inch Industrial Grade Impact Wrench is an impact wrench that has garnered the attention and interest of many workers.

MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are very important tools that need to be chosen carefully in order for you to guarantee that you will be getting the best results out of every project that you handle.

MSI-PRO SM-403 Impact Wrench Specs

The MSI-PRO SM-403 Impact Wrench has other great features that any worker will definitely appreciate and these include the following:

  • It comes with a ring socket retainer which will allow the use to have quick socket changes.
  • Max Speed of 7,000 R.P.M
  • Maximum Torque of 230 Ft/Lbs
  • Bolt Capacity: 5/8″
  • It has an easy one handed reverse and forward control.
  • It has a single hammer clutch that offers great soft or hard pull up power.
  • This has a built-in regulator that offers positive torque and speed control.
  • It has a proven quality design that can guarantee you of exceptional reliability and power.

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MSI PRO SM403: Industrial Grade Pneumatic 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench is regarded as the perfect choice for different applications, including automotive repair, industrial maintenance as well as assembly lines. This impact wrench can be trusted to help you execute your job in the most efficient way with the help of its 5/8” size of square drive anvil.

It has a torque that reaches 230 feet per pounds. you can expect this to deliver an amazing performance with its bolt capacity of 5/8” combined with the speed of 7,000 RPM.

The MSI-PRO SM-403  Impact Wrench weighs in at 6 pounds and an has an overall length of 7”. So its not the most compact unit out there.


  • The unit feels well built
  • Great price of the specs you get
  • The torque should be more then adequate for removing car tires at 120 psi.


  • For some users the impact wrench felt a bit heavy for continued use

 Customer Reviews and Rating

Overall the MSI PRO SM403 has received good reviews and feedback from users working on small projects at home to professionals in workshops using the day in day out. They have particularly been pleased with the build quality of the wrench.

The SM403 has been reviewed by 21 customers on Amazon with and impressive rating of 3.9 out of 5.

MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic Impact WrenchClick here for the latest customer reviews, rating and price on Amazon

“When I first received this impact I oiled it up and went out to the truck to give it a test. I wasn’t sure how it would work being I read some bad reviews on other cheap impacts. I couldn’t be happier with the performance. I own a GMC 2500HD, the wheels are 8 lug, the recommended torque for the lugs is 140 ft/lbs and the last time I rotated the tires I’m sure I over torqued them as I didn’t have a torque wrench. This impact took them off with no problem!”

Eric, Amazon Customer Review

“I used the new impact wrench for the first time this last week for a brake job. It has more power than my old one. The only issue is minor. The force select knob is harder to turn than my old wrench. I am very happy with this tool.”

R Plant, Amazon Customer Review


There is no denying that MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic 1/2-Inch Industrial Grade Impact Wrench can definitely stand up to any kind of home improvement project that you are planning to have in the future.

If you are currently searching for the best impact wrench that you can use, the MSI-PRO SM-403 Pneumatic 1/2-Inch Industrial Grade Impact Wrench can be one of the best choices that you can try as this will surely be able to deliver you with exceptional and one of a kind flawless performance that boasts of top notch results that you can never find in other impact wrenches of today.

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