Why you need an Air Compressor to fix Cars

Why you need an Air Compressor to fix Cars?

fixing your carIf your serious about fixing cars then you need to consider getting air tools and in addition a good air compressor. You can pick a decent air compressor beginning at $100. Some people may be put off fixing their cars because they think there not strong enough but with air tools you get plenty of power at your finger tips.

You will find that if your using the air tool by yourself then a 20 gallon compressor with at least 2 horsepower should give you enough power for the toughest jobs.

Once you get an air compressor there are loads of options for tools that you can connect to get jobs done quicker including:

  • air impact wrench – you will find that if your trying to get the crank pulley off from the car the air impact wrench if the best option
  • air ratchets to take of those tough to get to bolts
  • air grinders to grind metal
  • air saws for cutting through metal
  • muffler cutters to help cut off exhaust pipes
  • vacuum machines to suck out air from cooling systems


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